Foundation Eme

The Fundation Eme was established in 2015 with the aim of support Art & Culture in Castille-Leon, defending its young talent. In accordance with the foundational statutes, it is responsible of the canalization of the Joven Orquesta Sinfonica de Valladolid. Following these instructions, in September 2017 the JOSVa was provided of an internal normative from which its functions emanate.

According with the Foundation Eme statutes, it Patronage will be responsible for:

  1. Exercise the representation of JOSVa and provide it wich an annual budget (art. 2.2) as well as approve it (15.3).
  2. Designate de Manager (art. 7.1 a), the Main Conductor (art. 12.1) and the Assistant of the Conductor (art. 12.2).
  3. Amend the participation of invited conductors (art. 15.1).
  4. Reforme the Reglamento Interno of JOSVa (18.1).