According to its internal regulations and the legal dispositions of the Foundation Eme, the Joven Orquesta Sinfónica de Valladolid establishes for itself the internal norms in order to define and outline its functioning and the developing of it activities. The basic norm on which the orchestra is held is the Reglamento Interno de la JOSVa (2017), but there are other additional dispositions which are included below:

Acces & Permanence
Age limitation
Support Members
Agreement JOSVa-OFV

Government Committee (norma en transición)
Administrative regulation (norma en transición)
General Code of Conduct

Official Uniform
Official corporate image
Complementary logo (Josvito)

The administrative decisions and all the internal rules that may be valued or considerated are approved by the Government Committee in a continuos debate with the JOSVa members as a whole. The issues not contemplated in this regulation would be supplemented through our own custom and the statutes of the Foundation Eme.