About Us

The Joven Orquesta Sinfonica de Valladolid (JOSVa) was created in 2003, thanks to the idea of its current principal conductor and founder, Ernesto Monsalve, and the efforts of several young entrepreneurs who had studied together. Under the support of the Foundation Eme, its example is that of an entity promoted from the civil sphere that has managed to place itself at the forefront of the young Spanish orchestras and at the head of other similar initiatives. Apart of that, it has also achieved this by gradually gaining the trust of public institutions such as Valladolid City Council, with which it has a collaboration agreement; private entities such as the Foundation Schola; and the media, such as Radio Television Castilla y Leon, with which it carries out most of its activity, which extends to the rest of the autonomous community, including regular programming in Palencia, Zamora or Valladolid.

Composed of around 80 young musicians between the ages of 13 and 32, each year the JOSVa performs two large concerts that are broadcast by RTVCyL, and a musical tour of several days through different Spanish and European venues and auditoriums. it has achieved the pass of JOSVa through several places within Spain, such as the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencian Community, Extremadura or Andalusia; and, outside our borders, to Belgium, Holland, Gibraltar, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra or France among others. It should be noted the commemorative concert of Peace in the UN Human Rights Hall (Geneva); the tribute to the bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi in his own tomb, in Milan, performing the “Va Pensiero” together with the Consul of Spain and the Director of the Casa di Riposo; the recording of an official  flashmob for the European Union, on the occasion of Europe Day; the commemorative acts of the Journey of Charles V from Flanders to Valladolid, offered in Ghent, the Royal Palace of Valladolid and the European Parliament (Brussels); or a concert in Disneyland-Paris, as part of the 25th anniversary of the amusement park.

It is also noteworthy the altruistic work of the group, which has helped to raise several hundred thousand euros for charitable and charity institutions such as Caritas, Aficrovall, Telefono de la Esperanza or Harambee.

These and other results have been accomplish, on many occasions, in collaboration with a large majority of musical groups in the province of Valladolid as well as artists from local, national and international life including Plácido Domingo, Fernando Argenta, Juan Antonio Quintana, Lola Herrera, Concha Velasco, Alain Damas, Jose Balestrini, Gema Scabal, Beatriz Gimeno, Cecilia Lavilla Berganza, Luis Santana, Alfonso Pahíno, Paco Pastor (Formula V), Pitingo, India Martinez, Steven DeCraene, Sebastiano De Filippi, Femke van Leeuwen or William Vergara, among many others.

In this sense, the JOSVa has, the honorary patronage of the mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza and the theatrical businessman Enrique Cornejo, since 2012. Apart from them, since the celebration of the 10th anniversary in 2013, the actress Concha Velasco and the magician-illusionist Fernando Arribas.

In December 2018 the orchestra celebrated its 15th anniversary gala with a special Christmas concert in the Miguel Delibes Auditorium, a dinner that brought together former and current members and the publication of the book La JOSVa a través de sus protagonistas (The JOSVa through its protagonists), which distributed more than five hundred copies.